Name: Tom Theunissen

Address: Universiteitssingel 50
Room number: 5.156
Telephone number: ++31 43 3881915
Job description: PhD student


Current work: Development of zebrafish models to study mitochondrial function and pathology of mitochondrial disorders.

2010-present             PhD student at department of Clinical Genomics;                  GROW School for Oncology and                      Developmental Biology, Maastricht University


Master of Science: Molecular life sciences: Oncology and Developmental Biology, GROW institute, Maastricht University (Netherlands)



Bachelor of Science: Molecular life sciences (biomedical Science), Maastricht University (Netherlands)


01-07-2010/ 05-09-2010

Student-Assistant: dept. of Biochemistry (CARIM institute), subdivision Structural Bioinformatics: modeling, docking, virtual ligand screening.



Secondary School: Porta Mosana College, Maastricht, Profile: VWO, N&G



-          Art.9 Officer (Animal course), 2011

-          Safe Microbiological Techniques (SMT) License, 2010
















As PhD-candidate at the department of Clinical Genomics, Im currently involved in the processing of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) data and the translation of genetic variations to the zebrafish model. Analysis of WES data derived from mitochondrial patients allows us to unravel possible pathogenic mutations that might have an association with the clinical symptoms observed in the patient. Candidate mutations that are determined by WES require an accurate in vitro or in vivo read-out in order to confirm its role in pathogenicity. The zebrafish is a suitable animal model to test the effects of genetic defects in a reliable manner and to keep up with the fast data generation by WES. In this manner we can improve our insight in the nuclear-DNA encoded defects that underlie mitochondrial disease.