Name: A.P.M. Stassen, PhD

Address: Universiteitssingel 50
Room number: 5.148
Telephone number: ++31 43 388 2918
Job description: Bioinformatician

Email: Fons Stassen

Fons Stassen started his career in 1986 as a PhD student at the University of Nijmegen. The aim of his studies was the investigation of the structure/function relationship of bacteriophage M13 gene V protein. Focus was on the elucidation of the amino acid residues involved in the different functions of the protein, i.e. ssDNA binding, co-operativity of binding, dimer formation, and translational regulation of M13 gene II and V proteins. Subsequently, he did his post-doc at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. The first part involved the mapping of genes involved in colon tumour susceptibility in the mouse and the genetic characterization of the recombinant congenic strains which were used for the studies. Colon tumour susceptibility is a quantitative trait  controlled by multiple genes. A strong susceptibility locus on chromosome 2 (Scc1) was mapped in a region of less than 0.5 cM. The second part of the post-doc research involved the identification of oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes collaborating in tumour progression, especially the development of lymphomas in mice. In 1998 Fons Stassen  decided to continue his carreer at a private ICT company where he got his basic training in informatics. He worked as a consultant for 6 years mainly involved in automated software testing. In November 2004 Fons Stassen started his work as a bioinformatician at the department of Clinical Genetics of the Academic Hospital Maastricht. Working at the Genome Center Maastricht he will focus on the analysis of the vast and rapidly growing amount of data generated by microarray experiments of the many projects at the center.