Name: H.J.M. Smeets, Ph.D

Address: Universiteitssingel 50
Room number: 5.152
Telephone number: 
++31 43 3881995/3875843
Job description: professor;
                          head of the Genome Center

Email: Bert Smeets
Current work:

In the years starting at the end of 1995 Smeets has established several lines of investigation within the Division of Genetics (listed below). He started with a single research technician and heads now a group of 14 people, performing research predominantly within CARIM and GROW. As a consequence of becoming head of the GenomeCenter Maastricht, research will be broadened to other research Institutes and genomics will be added to the originally molecular genetic investigations. To keep a clear focus in the research lines, small groups of investigators will be headed by single staff members and will work on single themes. Smeets will supervise these groups and will remain involved in detail in part of the projects. As each of these groups has the obligation to grow, it can be expected that the number of people involved will continue to expand.

Research topics:

Myotonic dystrophy:

1985-1990        PhD student, Department of Human Genetics                          Nijmegen.

Title thesis:       A molecular genetic approach to 
                         myotonic dystrophy (29-11-1991).

Promotores:     Prof. Dr. H. Ropers; Prof. Dr. B. Wieringa

Alport syndrome (GROW):

1990-now        The role of type IV collagen mutations in the pathogenesis of Alport syndrome and familial benign hematuria (1990-now). H.H. Lemmink (Nijmegen) Thesis 1996.         

Early diagnosis and prevention of renal failure due to Alport syndrome. (Participant for The Netherlands; Concerted Action EEC 1993-1996).  

Molecular genetic and functional investigations of the pathogenesis of Alport syndrome and benign familial hematuria (1995-now).  

Neuromuscular disorder (GROW/CARIM):

Identification and characterisation of mitochondrial DNA mutations in mitochondrial (cardio)myopathies (1993-now).

Molecular genetic analysis of nuclear genes in mitochondrial disease (1995-now). I.F.M. de Coo (Nijmegen) Thesis 2001.  

Development of preimplantation diagnostics for neuromuscular disorders (1996-now). L.Jacobs (Maastricht) Thesis 2005.  

Determination of pathogenic gene expression profiles in tissues of patients with defects in oxidative phosphorylation, using DNA-array technology. R. van Eijsden (Maastricht) Thesis 2006.  

Start project MITOCIRCLE: “Mitochondrial diseases: From bedside to genome to bedside”, 6th Framework Programme EU.
Coordinator for Milano, Newcastle, Nijmegen, Paris and Maastricht.

Cardiovascular disease (CARIM):

1995-now        Identification of genes and genetic defects in cardiomyopathies and cardiac arrhythmias.  

Genotype-phenotype relations in LongQT syndrome and Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. R. Jongbloed (Maastricht) Thesis 2003; A. Paulussen (Maastricht) Thesis 2003.

Elucidation of genetic pathways in the hypertrophic and failing heart by micro-array technology. B.  van den Bosch (Maastricht) Thesis 2005.  

Development of Bioinformatic tools for large-scale gene expression analysis. L. Eijssen (Maastricht) Thesis 2005.


Start ALMA-GRID-project (2004) together with the genome centers of the Ulg (Luik), the UM, the RWTH-Aachen and the LUC (Diepenbeek) in order to create a network that coordinates the strategic development of the "genome pool" in the region by supporting private and academic researchers.